Peabody Chamber Opera presents

the first performance of a new edition of


by Pierfrancesco Cavalli

edited from the MSS by Webb Wiggins and Roger Brunyate


Peabody Baroque Ensemble

Webb Wiggins, conductor

Roger Brunyate, stage director


Wednesday & Thursday, February 23 & 24, 2000, at 7:30 PM
Miriam A. Freidberg Concert Hall
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Restoring a Hit: Stage director Roger Brunyate discusses the hit status of Cavalli’s Egisto in its own time, and the process of making a new performing edition today.

Synopsis of the Action

Over a year before the action begins, Egisto (a descendant of the sun-god Apollo) loved Clori and she him. But while together on the seashore on the island of Delos, they were captured by pirates and sold separately into captivity. At about the same time, Climene, a young woman on the island of Zacynthos, was captured by the selfsame pirates on the very day of her marriage to Lidio, and sold to the same cruel master as Egisto. Now, a year later, they have managed to escape, and Egisto has escorted Climene back to her home island of Zacynthos, where the main action takes place, and they each determine to find their original lovers. What they do not know is that the pirates brought Clori to Zacynthos, where she fell in love with Lidio, while Climene’s brother Ipparco also fell in love with her.

The action of the opera takes place during the day after Egisto and Climene have landed on Zacynthos. The division into acts reflects the passage of the day from dawn through night to dawn again in keeping with Egisto’s heritage as a descendant of the Sun. The first act (morning) establishes the situation with the two mis-matched couples: Lidio and Clori as lovers, and Egisto and Climene as friends. The second act (afternoon) concerns the attempts of Egisto and Climene to be reunited with their former lovers, only to be harshly rejected by them. The third act (night and dawn) brings the story to a happy conclusion, though catalyzed by two almost-tragic events: Lidio’s capture by Ipparco, and Egisto’s madness. In between, various scenes in the heavens show the machinations of the gods behind the sufferings of the characters on earth.

List of Performers

LA NOTTE (Night)Yoona Sophia Cho
L’AURORA (Dawn)Elizabeth Baber
LIDIO, Climene’s former fiancé, now in love with CloriChad Michael Freeburg
CLORI, Egisto’s former beloved, now in love with LidioMaija Lisa Currie
EGISTO, a descendant of the Sun, in love with CloriKenneth Harmon
CLIMENE, Lidio’s former fiancéeSung Eun Kim
IPPARCO, Climene’s brother, in love with CloriBrian Ming Chu
DEMA, Ipparco’s elderly servantSamuel Lowry
BELLEZZA (Beauty)Alfonsina Molinari-Rosaly
VOLUPIA (Sensuality)Yoona Sophia Cho
AMORE (Cupid)Kathryn Aaron
VENERE (Venus), the mother of Cupid and enemy of ApolloSarah Berger
SEMELEJennifer Strauss
FEDRA (Phaedra)Trina Renae Miller
DIDONE (Dido)Karen Zizzi
HERO           . . . four heroines who have died for loveSarah Berger
APOLLOAdrienne Foutz
FOUR HOURS, servants of ApolloJennifer Strauss, Trina Renae Miller,
Alfonsina Molinari-Rosaly, Karen Zizzi
TWO ATTENDANTSTaylor Brickley, Christopher Rhodovi
CONTINUORisa Carlson (lute), Bozena Jedrzejczak (keyboard),
Joshua Lee (gamba & bass), Adam J. Pearl (keyboard),
Daniel Rippe (cello), Adam Wead (theorbo),
Webb Wiggins (keyboard), Ting Zhou (keyboard)
STRINGSGeoffrey Baker (viola), Johanna Gutierrez (viola),
Christine Moriyasu (violin), Marissa Murphy (violin)
WINDSMark DiPinto (recorders), Justin Godoy (recorders),
Jason Harlow (cornetto)